Patrick Howard & Sarah Chapple , 24 Jan 2019

We have recently transferred the property management of our investment property to Tim Mutton Estate Agents. We have only recently become landlords and we have found our property manager, Michelle Austin to be extremely supportive, as she is helping us learn about our role as landlords and how to navigate through different situations. She has guided us through making decisions about our investment property to ensure we get the most out of it.

Michelle has always communicated with us in a clear and effective manner, which has made the process of having an investment property much easier for us. She is efficient in following up any problems the tenants are having and they have been happy with the way Michelle has been communicating with them. Michelle is diligent in making sure the tenants are taking responsibility for anything they are accountable for, so we are not having to deal with issues that are not our responsibility as landlords.

Having a competent property manager like Michelle has made everything easier and I feel more confident as a landlord thanks to her.

Sarah Howard